AOS Tramontina Low & Slow BBQ Knife Set

Tramontina Low & Slow Barbecue Knives are designed for the preparation and serving of even the toughest cuts of meat. Featureing Antibacterial handle and a blade made of German stainless Steel, these knives were created for the precision performance demanded by professionals. Providing capabilities far beyond the reach of traditional kitchen knives.


1 x AOS Aussie Made 5pce Black Heavy Duty 14oz Canvas Wrap with Red Binding & Leather Logo.

1 x 10″ Sharpener, maximise the performance of your knife with the high carbon steel sharpener. A requirement to keep your knives sharp and ready for use at any time.

1 x 12″Brisket Slicer, a sharpened, scolloped blade, this knife allows expert slices of Brisket, Ham and Roast in one stroke.

1 x 10″ Carving Knife, Curved and sharpened to precision making carving easier for perfect slices.

1 x 6″ Boning Knife, featuring anarrow blade and sharpened tip, this knife is ideal for preparing fish, poultry and meat.

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