Atlas 46 Hardcore Hatchet

This classic tool is probably the most underrated overlooked essential in any toolbox. If you’re like us, your work truck doubles as a camper, mud rescue vehicle, grocery getter, and, of course, Zombie outbreak response vehicle. There’s no rational reason to leave home without one of these within arms reach.

Made in the USA

Taking a moment to look back at our past sometimes is just as important as looking forward. With this in mind, we’ve decided we needed to pay homage to the quintessential Carpenter’s Hatchet, also known as the “Half Hatchet” or “Rigging Axe”. This is our version of the workhorse Grandpa broke us in with: 22oz high carbon steel alloy head sits on an 18″ American Hickory handle.

Benefits and Features

– 22oz high carbon steel alloy head

– Smooth strike face

– 3.5″ Blade

– 18″ American Hickory curved handle

– Natural wood colour

– 40oz total weight

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