Red Roads Canvas - Cutlery/Peg Roll

Able to hold 12 pieces of Cutlery sized utensils plus 2 larger items, the Red Roads Cutlery Roll enables quick and neat access to your gear.

Plus, if you are looking for something to house your smaller tent pegs...look no further. Able to hold up to about 20 of our 20cm tent pegs, this roll is a handy piece of kit.

Each piece is held in place by a base pocket and is then protected by the folding flap. Once rolled, a leather strap and stud form the closure system, which is topped off by our Red Roads logo, giving you an instant collectors piece!


Our range of Red Roads Canvas products are more complex than first may meet the eye. Designed in Perth with harsh conditions of use in mind, the principal material is a famous brand of heavy-duty canvas which has for over 50 years been manufactured in Melbourne. Following some friendly logistics, the final manufacturing is done under the watchful eye our partner and friend, a family owned and operated facility in Vietnam. With care in all processes leading up to the final product, eye for detail in design and skill and precision machining, the end result is a piece of kit that is beautifully finished, looks great, is functional and incredibly durable - these are products that will be passed onto the next generations!



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