Dingo Door Cup Holder

The Dingo door cup holder fits all model Toyota 70 series Landcruisers (Old & New) front and back on the dual cabs and 76 series doors.

Dingo door cup holder is 100% Australian made from food grade 304 stainless steel. The main body is CNC plasma cut and the cup holder is CNC laser cut then meticulously finished off by TIG welding the cup to the body and then polished. The DDCH has 3mm encore automotive carpet disc in the bottom of cup, the same as the other popular cup holders we manufacture. This 304 grade stainless steel cup holder simply fits to window rubber and velcro holds in place (without being able to scratch the glass) and arrives at your door ready to install.
Simply remove the velco protector strip and place in position on door and press firmly.