GStove Lavvo Tipi Nature View 2 Person

The Gstove Nature View is the first in Gstove's lavvo/tipi tent series.  All of our Lavvo tents are packed with unique features and accessories that are custom-made exclusively for Gstove. Intended for all year use and tailored specifically to accomodate our range of tent stoves the Lavvo Nature View range of tipi tents can be upgraded for a long time for the life of the tent.

With is large open door, The 'Gstove Nature View' allows you sit inside by the warmth of your Gstove and still enjoy the view.  Gstove's 'Nature View' Lavvo`s are designed to be low weight and durable whilst providing a fast heating protected environment when camping in the cooler winter months and at the same time be spacious for it's occupants and their equipment.

The 'Nature View range of Lavvo's are feature packed and as standard comes with fireproof and heat-protected materials in all of the critical areas that can withstand heat as high as 400 degrees celsius. This ensures the safety of the occupants as well as allowing you  to disassemble a hot Gstove tent stove without any risk of melting or destroying the lavvo top.  There is also an optional heat and fire resistant top hat in the same material.

A Gstove 'Nature View' Lavvo is sure to be a long-lasting and faithful addition to your touring and hiking kit with a comprehensive range of spares you'll be able to simply replace any lost or damaged components.

All Gstove 'Nature View' lavvo`s have an integrated a 530mm diameter opening with multiple zippers and an integrated top flap that is easily used in either the opened or closed position and can also be rolled up and secured so you can make the most of any cool breeze during the warmer months.

Accessories for this such as a mosquito net window cover, PVC window and a fireproof opening for your Gstove chimney flue to exit safely when used with the optional tent protector make the 'Nature View' lavvo a complete light weight camping shelter.  These optional accessories are easily attached to the zipper that is already fitted as standard to the lavvo tent and the standard lid can still be used to cover without having to remove any of the optional accessories.

You can see the full range of accessories by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Our Lavvo sizing system is unique to Gstove and takes into account all of the equipment you may need on your outdoor adventures so when we say our lavvo is a 2 person tent you can rest assured that won't have to leave your belongings outside to get a good nights sleep.

Since our lavvo`s are developed with our Gstove tent stoves in mind we have added several features that come as standard on the Gstove 'Nature View' lavvo range.  The guy ropes on our top flap can be easily be adjusted in length at first use and also incorporate a unique metal clip that it easy to fasten to the bottom guy ropes, ensuring that the top flap is secured in strong winds but can still be easily adjusted if needed.  A handy feature of these additional support ropes is that you can easily un-clip three out of the six ropes and connect them directly onto your Gstove 'Spark Arrestor' adding additional directly to the chimney flue in high winds.


The Gstove 'Nature View' is designed to be set up fast and easy by one person no matter what lavvo size you choose.

1. Start with folding out the lavvo and fasten the tent pegs in the bottom tent peg ropes.
2. Insert the middle pole and install the top flap before lifting up.
3. Finish by attaching the ropes and tighten the bottom and the bottom ropes.

We recommend the optional floor insert which reduces condensation and makes it easier to set up the lavvo.

Gstove Nature View lavvo Features:

Unique door shape to provide easy opening and closing, as well as providing a tremendous view of nature from the inside of the lavvo.  There is also its own integrated door made of mosquito nets that can be opened and closed separately. Both doors can be rolled up and secured in separately if you only want to use one of the doors.  The mosquito net door ensures on the cold days with cold winds you can still sit inside a warm lavvo but can still enjoy breath taking views.  The door has its own overlapping polyester covers that prevent rain and snow from ending up on the zipper so that it will always be easy to open and close.

Guy ropes:
The guy ropes on the Gstove 'Nature View' range of Lavvo tents are in orange colour which makes them easy to see and a simple adjustment design makes it easy get correct length and tightness when setting up.  The top guy ropes have their own elasticated ties so you can easily roll the guy ropes together and secure them to prevent them from catching up when packing the lavvo down and making life easier on the next set up.  All guy ropes attachments in the lavvo are reinforced to ensure that they can withstand strong winds.

Centre Pole:
The centre pole of the Gstove 'Nature View' Lavvo is constructed of anodised alloy with the three sections of the pole held together with an elasticised cord.  Being constructed of alloy means the centre pole has the structural integrity needed to with stand high winds whilst remaining light enough to significantly impact the light weight of the lavvo.

Tent Peg Attachments
To ensure stability in strong winds the Gstove 'Nature View lavvo has a total of 3 adjustable tent attachments on each side ensuring lavvo stands steady regardless of the weather.  It also keeps at bay cold drafts and snow from getting in under the lavvo if you are not using the optional ground sheet.  The adjustable tent attachments also allow you to relocate the tent peg should you strike a stone or or to hard surface when setting up the lavvo.

Tent Peg:
The Gstove tent pegs are made of strong aluminium that is suitable for use on most surfaces.  The tent pegs are anodised red which ensures that they are highly visible both in the long grass in summer and in the winter snow.  The tent pegs also have orange ropes attached so you can easily pull them out of hard or frozen ground.

Storm Skirts:
The Gstove 'Nature View' Lavvo storm skirt ensures that the zippers for the optional floor are protected from inclement weather.  The storm skirt also ensures that wind, snow and cold drafts do not come under the lavvo.

Air Vents:
Gstove Nature View lavvo is equipped with 3 adjustable air vents that can be easily opened and closed to the desired opening and all of the air vents have integrated mosquito nets to prevent insects from entering the lavvo.  The air vents also have their own protective flaps on the outside of the lavvo.  The air vents are located to provide maximum airflow in the lavvo, and one air vent is located under our unique round hatch in the back of the lavvo where your Gstove tent stove can be placed so that the stove always has sufficient air for maximum effect without having to open the others if not needed.

Gstove Hatch:
The Gstove 'Nature View' has an integrated Gstove hatch at the rear of the lavvo that can be easily rolled up out of the way or wrapped around the chimney flue 'Tent Protector'. 

Power Cable Opening:
The Gstove 'Nature View' is equipped as standard with 2 openings on the lower wall (1 on each side) that can be opened and closed with a zipper which ensures that you can run a power cable at campsites into the lavvo or even a cable from a solar panel.

Mosquito Net:
At the top of the 'Nature View' lavvo is the mosquito net that can easily be adjusted to the opening you want.  When using a Gstove tent stove it becomes completely tight around the tent protector, but you can also completely close it around the centre pole if you do not use a stove.  In addition, the mosquito net can be rolled up if you don't have a use for it.

Rain Leader:
Integrated rain leaders in all of the critical areas of the lavvo ensure that rain is led away from the lavvo rather than towards doors and access points. Rain leaders can be adjusted to the desired angle by adjusting the length of the guy ropes.

Storage/Carry Bags
One of the problems with packing any sort of camping gear is usually that the supplied carry bag is so small that it's a real challenge when your packing down to head home. The Gstove 'Nature View' Lavvo comes with a larger bag that can be tightened down, but in addition you also get an extra bag that has a top opening along the entire bag, the choice is yours.  This ensures that you can simply roll up your Gstove lavvo and easily fit it in your carry bag, even if you have the optional floor installed.  In winter it is often that the lavvo is both cold and damp and with this bag you can quickly and easily pack up and head home and worry about drying out your lavvo tent then.

Leave No Trace:
One thing we consider to be very important is that what you take you should also back back home with you and to help you maintain a clean camp site for your stay and for future stays we have added a large garbage bag made out of the same ripstop polyester used in the construction of your Gstove 'Nature View' lavvo.


Tech Specs


Length = 2424mm
Width = 2800mm
Height = 2000mm


Gstove 3000mm Fire Protected Ripstop Polyester
Fireproof top Rated to 400 Degrees Celcius



What's Included 

Lavvo and Top Cover Flap
Tent Peg Set
Centre Pole
Draw String Carry Bag
'Leave No Trace' Rubbish Bag

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