GStove Lavvo Tipi Nature View 2 Person Floor

The Gstove 'Nature View' 2 Person Lavvo zip in floor is perfect for Australian conditions.  Given that we share our land with lots of creepy crawlys gives you a little peace of mind at night when getting into bed as well as adding an extra layer of protection in in-clement weather.  Gstove 'Nature View' floor also protects your bedding from sharp sticks & rocks and also aids in preventing condensation inside the lavvo.

The floor can be used in several ways as the middle section is separated so you can choose to roll up one side depending on where you place your Gstove tent stove or even the whole middle section, just leaving the sleeping areas protected.

The floor is fastened to the tent with a zipper which means the lavvo tent becomes completely sealed once in place and can easily be left installed when packing up the lavvo and at a mere 800 grams the floor won't significantly impact on the lavvo's light weight.


Collections: Fire & Cooking

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