Jetboil Flash Camo

The Jetboil Flash is the ultimate outdoor gear choice for those who want to get the most from their activity. Many outdoor enthusiasts have experienced the benefit that hot food and beverages add to their adventure. Flash is an all-in-one design, combining burner and cooking vessel in a compact unit offering convenience, speed, and safety for outdoor cooking on-the-go. Everything conveniently stacks and stores inside Flash‚one litre vessel/drinking mug.

The Flash is designed to be one of the safest cooking solutions out there. The cooking cup clips onto the burner, preventing accidental spills, and the fuel canister tripod ensures overall stability. The insulating cozy has a colour-changing heat indicator that signals when contents are hot.

  • 1.0 litre FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy

  • Cozy features colour-change temperature indicator

  • Adjustable burner with push-button igniter

  • Insulating drink-through lid & measuring cup

  • Stabilizer tripod included

  • Fuel Type Gas
    Volume 1000 ml
    Weight 400 G
    Boil Time 500Ml/2.5 Minutes

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