Red Roads Cooler - CampWell Rotomolded Insulated Cooler Box 45qt

Don't pay abominable prices for your cooler!!!

The Red Roads CampWell Cooler - an insulated cooler box made from durable rotomolded plastic, with high density PU foam compressed between the inner and outer layers which provides excellent insulation.

While the category of Rotomolded Coolers have been around for eon's, they have recently undergone improvements in design and technology which has been shared across many manufacturers, including ours.

Numerous tests have been done to determine who is the best - but let's make it simple, all of these coolers are pretty amazing at insulating. They are especially good at keeping ice in tact for prolonged periods of time.

"How long" you might ask?

Well, that's a "how long is a piece of strong" question as the answer depends totally on how you operate the cooler and the environment it's in.

So to get a real world answer, here's what we did to test the CampWell Coolers's when they arrived. It's a pretty typical way of using a cooler we think:

a) We used crushed ice, just like you get at the bottle shop or service station. If we were really phased, we would have used block ice...but we didn't.

b) Make sure when you put anything such as drinks in, that they are cold...we of course didn't.

c) Limit the amount of times you spend opening the cooler lid. Each time you open the lid of a cooler, you loose cold air. The ice has to work harder, or in other words, melts, each time there is a temperature change. So try to limit the amount of times you open it...we of course didn't do this well.

d) Make sure you close the lid correctly and fasten the clasps to ensure a tight closure and maximum thermal efficiency...we didn't do this.

So, looking at these points, you'd assume we failed...and you are right, in context we did.

BUT, even with us blatantly ignoring these simple rules, we put crushed ice over drinks on a Friday, then finally poured out ridiculously ice-cold water the following Wednesday. Imagine what we could have achieved if we had obeyed the basics, including not forgetting to close it correctly for a full 24 hours!!

It is fair to say, in moderate conditions (not 48 degrees outback heat), being careful, using good ice, well you could expect 5-7 days of ice lasting inside the cooler.

45 quarts / 42.6 Litre

External: 27.0" L x 16.2" W x 16.2" H / 68.5cm x 41cm x 41cm

Internal: 21.5" L x 11.0" W x 12.1" H / 54.5cm x 28cm x 30.5cm 

Weight: 23.98lbs / 10.9kg



One Piece Rotomolded construction for durabilty.

Fiiled with PU Foam to provide superior insulation performance.

UV Protection on all surfaces.

Freezer-style sealing gasket to lock in the cold.

Constructed with materials that are OK for use with dry ice.

Recessed, Leak-proof Drain Plug

Custom designed latches for the best locking and opening on the market.

De-pressure valve should the atmospherics change and the lid becomes hard to open.

Stainless steel bottle opener / locking plate.

Webbing Handles.


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