SmartIce Reusable Cooling Sheets Pack 5

SmartIce Reusable Cooling Sheets Pack 5

AUSTRALIAN MADE Smartice is a world leading, reusable and water-wise alternative to ice. Ideal for use in Cooler Bags and Boxes, and all forms of transport requiring temperature control. A very simple and environmentally sound way of keeping perishables and drinks cool and dry, avoiding the pooling of water associated with normal ice.

Large sheet size of 450 x 300mm, comprising 24 square 75mm cells. The heavy duty, double sided plastic sheets are extremely durable and can be cut to the size required prior to hydration so that you can pack around the contents of your cooler. They stay frozen longer than the same volume of ice and keep your cooler contents dry and intact.


About SmartIce

Smartice is AUSTRALIAN MADE and quality manufactured to international standard ISO 9001. We currently offer three configurations.

  1. Large heavy duty reusable sheets, plastic both sides, 450 x 300mm, with 24 square 75mm cells. Sold in Packs of 5 and 25
  2. Long life ice bricks, plastic with non-woven fabric on reverse, 195 x 150mm, with 2 oblong cells 135 x 90mm. Sold in Packs of 10
  3. Cooling Strips for use in Tie Chilly Neck Coolers, with 8 square 45mm cells. Sold in Packs of 6 and 25

Smartice is safe and easy to use and reuse many times. Follow these simple guidelines.

How to use Smartice

The principal is the same for the Smartice Cooling Strips and the Smartice Ice Bricks.

Smartice sheets can be wiped with a disinfectant or sanitiser and water mix if required. Do not use detergents.

When not in use store in fridge or freezer in plastic bag. Re-hydrate as required.

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