Red Roads Pegs - The Skewer - Heavy Duty Steel Tent Peg

Have you noticed tent pegs evolving over the years? No longer do we campers have to settle for a peg that bends upon the first strike due to the poorly designed bend at the head of the peg.

All Red Roads Tent Pegs offer what we call a straight-through design - picture a nail being hammered into a piece of wood - our pegs are designed to hammer into ground in the same way.

The Skewer is a Heavy Duty Tent Peg with a perfect blend of style and performance,  able to pierce the ground with considerable ease.

A Quadrate head with is capped by a nicely sized Crown which will take countless strikes from your hammer and convert energy through to tip and into almost any soil condition. 

A rope-lug will ensure your guy ropes are steadily held in place and gives the added bonus of helping to resist pegs twisting once in the ground. An extraction eyelet aids the easy removal of the peg when used in conjunction with out Red Roads Peg Hammer.

The Skewer is available in the following:

20cm (8"), diameter 6.8mm, weighing 70gms

30cm (12"), diameter 8.5mm, weighing  180gms

40cm (16"), diameter 11mm, weighing 350gms

Looking for a peg that offers even more amazing performance, check out our Stainless Steel Sabre Tent Peg. Or looking to enter the market with something a little more cost effective, check out The Nail.

Check out the Red Roads heavy duty canvas peg roll to suit!

Also, the Red Roads NEW Skip Pouch which suits smaller quantities of pegs!

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