Companion TravelChef Dual Power Vacuum Sealer

The perfect vacuum sealing system for home, fishing, caravanning or camping. With dual power operation it provides optimum flexibility, allowing the choice of either 12V DC power from your vehicle/portable battery or 240V AC power from your home.

This vacuum sealing system allows you to seal everyday food items, such as vegetables, small meats, spices, as well as meat/poultry and fish easily.

Air is the enemy of freshness and primary cause of freezer burn and dehydration in foods stored in the freezer, refrigerator and pantry.

The TravelChef vacuum sealer protects your food from these elements. The powerful motor and piston pump takes in 12 litres of air per minute. A compact design provides a storage compartment forthe vacuum roll. A built in cutter ensures clean straight cutting lines on vacuum bags.

  • Dual power 12V/240V operation
  • Gentle setting for softer suction to prevent bag contents crushing
  • Quick seal function to ensure a variety of foods can be quickly sealed
  • Advanced sealing system ensures consistent and superior seal every time
  • Bag cutter and roll storage compartment
  • Packs away in a 600D padded carry bag with compartments for storing your rolls


  • 1 x 12V adaptor and cord
  • 1 x 600D zippered polyester padded carry bag
  • 1 x 22cm (W) x 3m vacuum roll
  • 1 x 28cm (W) x 3m vacuum roll


Power Source: AC: 220-240V 50Hz, 130W DC: 12V
Vacuum Speed on normal: 12 litres of air per minute
Vacuum Pressure: -0.8 Bar (-80Kpa) Max
Sealing Strip max width: 30cm
Sealing Strip Depth: 2.5mm
Dimensions: 390(L) x 175(W) x 80(H)mm
Weight: 2.3kg

Collections: Organisation, Utensils & Kitchen Stuff

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