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An appetising vegetable medley infused with honey soy flavours served on a bed of rice noodles. Simply add the required amount of hot or cold water stated on the back of each meal pouch, stir and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a delicious freeze dried meal wherever you may be. Check out the added lower tear tab on all pouches, once the meal has been reconstituted just tear the lower perforation and use the pouch as a bowl. A great idea and saves getting messy hands when using your spoon or fork.


  • Light – the pouch weighs one third of the meal it makes
  • Fast – ready to eat in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Tasty – tastes good enough to finish the meal
  • Convenient – eat the meal straight from the pouch to reduce clean up
  • Long shelf life – meals produced with a four year best before date
  • New Zealand made



Serves per pack 1. Net weight 90g. Preparation: Add 250 ml (1 cup or MONT BLANC fill line) of boiling water to meal pouch. Stir and stand for 10-15 minutes. Serving size 340g (once prepared)

Per Serve

Energy 1460kJ (350Cal), Protein 9.9g, Fat - total 4.2g, Fat - saturated 1.8g, Carbohydrate - total 67.2g, Carbohydrate - sugars 22.5g, Sodium 767mg

Per 100g

Energy 431kJ (103Cal), Protein 2.9g, Fat - total 1.2g, Fat - saturated 0.5g, Carbohydrate - total 19.8g, Carbohydrate - sugars 6.6g, Sodium 226mg


Serves per pack 1. Net weight 175g. Preparation: Add 500 ml (2 cups or K2 fill line) of boiling water to meal pouch. Stir and stand for 10-15 minutes. Serving size 675g (once prepared)

Per Serve

Energy 2840kJ (678Cal), Protein 18.4g, Fat - total 7.6g, Fat - saturated 3.2g, Carbohydrate - total 132g, Carbohydrate - sugars 43.8g, Sodium 1500mg

Per 100g

Energy 420kJ (100Cal), Protein 2.7g, Fat - total 1.1g, Fat - saturated 0.5g, Carbohydrate - total 19.6g, Carbohydrate - sugars 6.5g, Sodium 222mg


Rice Noodles (Rice Flour), Sauce (Sugar, Thickener (1442), Maltodextrin, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Brown Sugar, Vegetables, Honey 1.2%, Colour (150D)), Onion, Egg Dices (9%) (Egg, Milk Powder (Contains Emulsifier (322)), Thickener (1442), Salt), Red Pepper, Carrot (Carrot, Sugar, Acidity Regulator (500)), Corn, Green Beans (Contains Acidity Regulator (331, 500))


Contains Egg, Milk, Soybeans.

Processed in a facility that also produces products containing Crustacea, Fish, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds.

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