CGear L-Shaped Multimat

Introducing the CGear L-Shaped Camper Mat - the ultimate camping companion designed specifically for adventurers with vans or utes! This L-shaped marvel is crafted to perfectly fit beside and at the back of your camper, providing a clean and comfortable outdoor space wherever you roam.

Just like its sibling, the CGear Multimat, this camper version features  internationally patented multi-layered knitted technology. Sand and dirt easily fall through the mat, keeping your camper interior spotless. With reinforced edges and rip stop technology, it's built tough to withstand any adventure you throw its way.

Setting up the CGear L-Shaped Camper Mat is a breeze, and when it's time to hit the road again, it conveniently packs away into its own carry bag. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing evening under the stars or gathering around the campfire, this mat creates a sand and dirt-free haven for you and your mates.

Embrace the freedom of van life with the CGear L-Shaped Camper Mat - your trusty companion for endless adventures on the road. Proudly designed in Australia for Australian conditions by a locally owned company, it's time to elevate your camping game with CGear.


  • Can be flipped and used upside down to suit your set up
  • Sand and dirt fall readily through the mat and won't come back up
  • Perfect for use under camp furniture
  • UV stabilisers minimise degradation of mats from exposure to the sun
  • Product is recyclable
  • Non-absorbent and will not rot or mould
  • Liquid spills (drinks, etc) go through the mat
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • More environmentally friendly on the grass underneath the mat than tarpaulins
  • May also be used for shade or as a wind break

Care & Usuage

Simply brush excess dirt or sand, shake, and fold away.

The product may be hosed down and air dried in between uses.

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