Wilderness Equipment I-Explore 2 CN 9.5mm 3-Pole Set Red

his Red coloured 3-pole set is made from 7071-T6 High Tensile Aluminium, and was supplied with i-Explore 2 and i-Explore 2 Winter tents produced up until May 2019. Each of the three poles are 380cm long, made up of ten sections consisting of two end sections 300mm long, and eight mid sections 400mm long. These poles have no pre-bend, all sections are completely straight. The uniformity of the 400mm mid-sections make this pole incredibly easy to service as part of an Outdoor Education or Hire Fleet. This pole is compatible with every generation of i-Explore 2 and i-Explore 2 Winter tent.


Collections: Hiking, Tents & Shelters

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