Flextail Max Vacuum Pump

Introducing the Max Vacuum Pump – a compact and powerful solution for efficient air mattress deflation and space-saving compression. With a built-in multi-stage turbine, it reaches a high pressure of 10kPa for quick and effective deflation. Its innovative design eliminates the need for additional air nozzles when used with self-inflating mattresses, and it comes with an adapter for vacuum bags, allowing compression of clothes and bedding. Weighing only 335g, this pump is ultra-portable, featuring a mechanical lock button for safety during transport. With wireless functionality and durable batteries, it offers up to 25 minutes of operation, making it perfect for outdoor activities and efficient storage at home.


• Ultra-Portable: Weighing just 335g, our vacuum pump is designed for easy, on-the-go use.
• High Pressure: Boasting a 10kPa suction pressure, it swiftly deflates air mattresses and foam filled self-inflating pads.
• Self-Inflating Mattress Ready: No extra nozzles needed – our pump is tailored for seamless use with self-inflating mattresses.
• Versatile Compression: Use the adapter to compress clothes and bedding, achieving up to 90% compression for space-saving.
• Wireless and Long-lasting: Powered by three 2500mAh batteries, enjoy up to 25 minutes of wireless operation on a single charge.
• Safe and Convenient: The mechanical lock button prevents accidental openings, ensuring secure and hassle-free transport.

Weight: 335g

Collections: Gear, Sleeping Mats

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