GSI Glacier Stainless 2 Can Cooler Stack

Note: Suitable for 330/340ml cans (i.e. Craft Beer etc) NOT standard 375ml AU Cans

Why bring one warm can of your favourite beverage along when you can bring two cold without lugging around a heavy cooler and ice? Durable and insulated, the 2 Can Cooler Stack will keep your tasty beverages cold for hours. Go head, share a cold one with your hiking buddy. Why? Because now you can.


  • Designed to keep multiple beverages cold without lugging around a heavy cooler and ice.
  • Double insulated can cooler holds two 340m/12oz cans of your favourite liquid
  • Long-lasting double-wall insulation delivers 18 hours of cold retention without freezing your hands or leaving condensation rings
  • Perfect travel cooler for frisbee golf, fishing, golfing, camping, picnic, etc.
  • Screw on lid holds cans securely in place.
  • Rugged stainless steel construction will last for years.
  • BPA, PFOA and Phthalate-free

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