Helinox Groundsheet for Savanna Chair/Chair One XL/Cafe Chair

Simply snap the Groundsheet to your Helinox chair’s feet, and you have a platform that will keep you from sinking into soft ground or sand. Light and packable, it’s easy to keep one with your chair so it’s there when you need it, and a range of sizes are available so you can get the perfect fit.


  • Provides a wide base that helps prevent sinking into sand or soft ground
  • Intuitive leg pockets and frame attachment make it easy to use
  • Folds small for packability and easy storage


Assembled Packed
Height 3 cm 6 cm
Width 47 cm 18 cm
Weight 170 g
Length 47 cm 35 cm

Check out the Savanna Chairs, Chair One XL and Cafe Chairs currently available!

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