Oz Braai Rotisserie Kit

Introducing our premium Rotisserie Kit, a true game-changer for braai enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike. Each element of this kit has been meticulously designed, promising not only a seamless roasting experience but also culinary outcomes that are a cut above the rest. From the efficient motor that promises even cooking to the versatile shaft extensions, our kit redefines the art of roasting while travelling.

Constructed from the highest grade of 304 stainless steel, our kit promises both aesthetic appeal and durability. Whether you’re hosting a braai or perfecting a special roast, our kit ensures that each roasting session is executed with precision, delivering impeccable results. Invest in the best; elevate your roasting journey with our OZ Braai Rotisserie Kit.

Elevate Your Roasting Experience with Our Rotisserie Kit

Are you passionate about the art of roasting? Our Rotisserie Kit has been crafted to complement and enhance every braai session, ensuring culinary precision and delightful outcomes.

Consistent, Even Cooking: Central to our kit is a robust 3v Rotisserie Motor, guaranteeing your meats are cooked uniformly. No more power cables!

Seamless Equipment Integration: Our Universal Mounting Brackets do away with the inconvenience of mismatched equipment. Expertly crafted, these brackets are compatible with a wide variety of braai and gas BBQ systems.

Flexibility at Its Best: Whether you’re working with a compact grill or an expansive Braai/BBQ setup, our Adaptable Shaft Extensions are interchangeable. Designed to fit varying equipment lengths, these shafts offer effortless adaptability.

Smooth Rotations, Every Time: Our innovative Rotating Ring ensures your meats rotate smoothly over the shaft, doing away with any friction caused by uneven surfaces.

Secure Grip for Perfect Roasts: Our Dual Fork Prong Forks are second to none. Whether it’s a succulent chicken or a lamb leg roast, these forks offer unparalleled grip, ensuring your meat remains in the perfect position.

Crafted to Last: Quality that endures. Constructed with premium 304 stainless steel, our kit is not just pleasing to the eye but also promises unmatched longevity. It’s easy to clean, rust-resistant, and stands as a testament to exemplary craftsmanship.


  • Compatible with Compact Braai v2, Mini Braai, Patio Braai and Madkon Range.
  • Universal Brackets makes it possible to add the rotisserie to the Compact Braai v1 (Need to drill holes)
  • High-efficiency 3V Battery Powered Rotisserie Motor for consistent cooking
  • Universal Mounting Brackets fit most braai and BBQ setups
  • Adaptable Shaft Extensions cater to diverse equipment lengths
  • Rotating Ring ensures smooth rotation
  • Dual Prong Forks
  • Constructed with 304 Stainless Steel
  • Braai not included

    Collections: Fire & Cooking

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