Red Roads Fire - The Riser - Multifunction Fire Stand



Red Roads offers the unique and multi-functional Riser - a multi use device for use with or without the Red Roads Blaze-n-BBQ Fire Pits.

Made from Stainless Steel, the pivoting design allows it to be used as a base plate for the Blaze-n-BBQ Fire Pits to get them up to a standing height ensuring also the ground below is unaffected. Our tests have found that the distance off the ground is the only way to ensure a surface such as grass remains unscorched - the way us Aussies tend to light a fire needs distance from the grass; the results of our testing shows that just 10cm or 15cm will not do anything to stop scorching. It has been reported that many caravan parks in Australia are now insisting on minimum heights off the ground for open fires...

Hey, another thing...we've also include a flat piece of stainless mesh with the Riser which can be used to hold a small fire above the ground (though don't expect your nice lawn to survive). This secondary method of holding a fire is awesome for Tripod cooking!

Pins on each corner ensure a stable platform for the fire pits, anchoring the riser into the ground below.

The Riser folds down to 59cm in length, which is 5cm x 5cm in it's bag. It weighs 1.90kg


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