Small Paw Print Dog Toys - Monkey Fist Ropes

Small Paw Prints Dog Toys - Monkey Fist Ropes

Jett is a young Perth entrepreneur who makes a variety of handmade products from recycled materials.

"I'm too young to get a job so I have come up with a resourceful way to earn some pocket money while helping the environment and animal welfare. My dog toys are made from repurposed climbing rope that was destined for landfill although still in perfectly fine condition. I cut them into lengths and tie them by hand. A portion of every sale will go to an animal welfare agency."


Jett says:

"I make my toys from retired heavy duty static and dynamic abseil/climb rope. It is a kernmantle construction with a breaking point of 2500kg. Stronger than your average dog toy."

Jett says:

"I tie either one or two "Monkey's Fist" knots in each rope. The ends are secured in place with a stopper knot or heat fusion on early models. Any excess rope is tied into a mid-knot."



As these are hand made, sizes, colours and lengths do vary.

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