Red Roads Fire - Stainless Steel Folding CampWell Grill

Ideal to sizzle your food or as a platform for your pots and pans over the flame, the fold flat CampWell BBQ Grill from Red Roads is a great piece of kit to carry with you.

Folding legs allow the grill to sit with suitable gap of around 15cm between the coals or flame and your cooking. It is also acts as a replacement grill for the Red Roads Blaze-n-BBQ.

The Grill itself is made with "chef grade" 304 Stainless Steel, both durable and compact, offering a satisfying grilling surface for any budding camp cook.

Available in two sizes, Medium which is 385mm x 285mm, and Large 435mm x 320mm, the CampWell Grill is multifaceted and a great addition to your camping kit.

Collections: Fire & Cooking, Red Roads

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