STOV BBQ | Portable Gas BBQ

The STOV BBQ is an extremely portable gas BBQ that can be assembled in seconds without the need for tools and has the performance of a backyard BBQ. With its flatpack design and weight of only 3.6kg, it fits in every car, camper van, or backpack. It is the ideal BBQ to grill anything from your classic burger when out and about to a few sausages at the picnic by the beach.

An extremely portable gas BBQ built for going places made out of brushed 304 stainless steel. The STOV BBQ is so compact due to its flatpack design and whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a balcony BBQ enthusiast - there’s nothing like it in Australia. It is the perfect grill for cooking anything from burgers to freshly caught flathead, corn on the cob, or a bush tucker banquet. It offers 2.4kW of power (Or about 8000 BTU) via your usual camping gas cartridge (EN417 standard with threaded valve) that can be assembled anywhere within seconds.
With a 460gram gas cartridge, you will get about 200 minutes of cooking time. EN417 gas cartridges can be found in any camping or outdoor shop.

What's included:
✔ STOV BBQ: complete set of stainless steel parts and instructions manual
✔ Heavy duty carry-bag and grilling mat
✘  Gas cartridges not included

Can I use the STOV BBQ with Wood or Charcoal?

Yes, you can use the STOV BBQ with small wood pieces and turn it into a small fire pit. You can also use charcoal but make sure that you use some protection e.g. sand on the bottom of the bbq. Make sure not to use too much charcoal - charcoal burns a lot hotter than gas.

How do I Clean my STOV BBQ after cooking?

There are certainly many ways to clean your STOV BBQ but here is what we believe is working well for the stainless steel sheet parts:

1. Once finished with BBQing give the grill grate a good scraping with a spatula to remove the bigger left over parts.

2. Use paper towels/kitchen roll or similar to clean the left over fat off the STOV BBQ parts.

3. Use a foam bbq/oven cleaner (there are eco-friendly version out there!) and let the parts sit in it for an hour or a bit more. You can even use a plastic bag to make sure it does not dry (Be careful with the wooden handle though - it should not come in contact with the cleaner foam).

4. Once well soaked in, use a sponge to wipe down the stains and flush clean with water.

5. After all the parts have dried, you can store them in the STOV BBQ carry bag to be ready for your next grilling session.

Assembled: 38cm x 21cm x 20cm (length x width x height)
Grill grate: 31.5cm x 21cm (length x width)
Packed in bag: 47cm x 29cm x 4cm (length x width x height/thickness)
BBQ: 3.6kg (inc bag: 3.8kg)
BBQ: 304 Stainless Steel
Bag: PVC
6 burger patties | 1kg of prawns | 8 fresh corn cobs
Cooking capacity: 660cm² 

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