Red Roads Peg - The Nail - Heavy Duty Steel Tent Peg

Have you noticed tent pegs evolving over the years? No longer do we campers have to settle for a peg that bends upon the first strike due to the poorly designed bend at the head of the peg.

All Red Road Tent Pegs offer what we call a straight-through design - picture a nail being hammered into a piece of wood - our pegs are designed to hammer into ground in the same way.

This is the inspiration for the Tent Peg we call The Nail. Made from blackened steel with a welded rope-lug for keeping your guy ropes in place and a eyelet for easy extraction in stubborn ground, The Nail is the starting point for a Tent Peg that will not let you (or your tent) down.

The diameter of all Nail Pegs are 9.8mm. It is available in lengths of 20cm (8") at 130gm, 30cm (12") at 190gm and 40cm (16") at 250gm.

Looking for a peg that offers even more amazing performance, check out our Skewer and Sabre Tent Pegs on this Red Roads website.


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