Trangia Pan Stand TRA612527

Well, we bit the bullet and had to buy a swagger of these at a highly exorbitant price from Trangia and the importer..but you asked for it so we wanted to deliver!! The US Dollar and over the top freight and duties dictated it's final delivered price, but finally here it is!!

A support that enables the use of smaller vessels in the Trangia stove. Place inside the windshield on the supports. Fits Trangia stoves 25 Large and 27 Small. The Pan Stand can also be used in conjunction with the Trangia Gas Burner and Trangia Triangle Gas Burner Holder to enable using the Gas Burner without the need for a Trangia 25 or 27 series Cook sets.

Get one while you can!

Collections: Fire & Cooking, Hiking, Trangia

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