Bartender Champagne Resealer

Bartender Champagne Resealer

Seal the fizz of your beverage using the Bartender Stainless Steel Champagne Resealer. Fits securely for most champagne bottles!

Constructed with durable stainless steel and silicone for rust-resistant, long-lasting product. Provides an airtight seal for opened bottles to preserve the drinks. To clean, just rinse the stopper with water and let it air dry.

This special stopper for champagne is easy to use. Simply fit the resealer into the neck of your bottle to keep the drinks fresh, like you just newly popped the cork!


  • Material: Stainless steel, silicone
  • Air-tight seal
  • Prolongs the fresh taste of the beverage
  • Fits most wine/champagne bottles


5cm x 8cm x 5cm

Collections: Tableware, Utensils & Kitchen Stuff

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