Lodge Cookware 4 In 1 Camp Dutch Oven Tool

Lodge Cookware 4 in 1 Camp Dutch Oven Tool

The Lodge 4-in-1is the ultimate multitasker when cooking at the campstie. It protects your hands from heat, keeps your cookware off the ground, and maximizes
your cooking area. Made of 9 mm bar stock with high temperature black finish.


  • Protects your hands from heat as a lid or bail lifter
  • Use as a trivet for your lid, or flip it and use your lid as an extra cooking surface
  • Made of durable 9 mm bar stock
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • High temperature black finish
  • Fits inside all Camp Dutch Ovens 10 inches and larger
  • 9 mm bar stock with high temperature black finish. Full color backercard in English, Spanish, and French.

Width:16.69 (cm)Height:3.18 (cm)Depth:27.48 (cm)

Collections: Fire & Cooking

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