OZ Braai FireChef Handmade Chef's Cleaver 7" with Sheath

Heralded as the favourite knife of Youtube’s ‘Fire to Fork’ Harry Fisher and promoted in various of his top item videos, OZ Braai’s hand-forged, full-tang Serbian chef’s cleaver is a must-have for every passionate cook – just ask any one of the thousands who have bought it!

Promising unparalleled dexterity, the Chef’s Cleaver is an all-rounder, perfect for slicing through everything from garlic and onions to the finest cuts of meat, juicy steaks, large chunky meat slabs or your house-made BILTONG. 

Fashioned from high carbon steel and widely noted for the longevity of its sharpness, this iconic Chef’s Cleaver is one of the most durable hand-forged knives around. 

The blade and handle are integrated as one solid piece, with an ergonomically designed hardwood casing shaped for a very comfortable, balanced handgrip that feels second nature.

The ample 7″ (18 cm) blade comes with a unique canvas sheath that doubles as a safety feature to protect both the blade and everything else from coming into harm’s way.

Weighing a respectable 300 grams, a gentle guide of the blade down and against the grain will be all that’s needed for the perfect cut every time.

Whether you’re starting to find your way around the kitchen or an avid knife collector, this is the one you’ll be reaching for time and time again.

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