OZ Braai FireChef Handmade Chef's Knife 8" with Sheath

Used and coming highly recommended by Youtube’s ‘Fire to Fork’ Harry Fisher, OZ Braai’s hand-forged, full-tang chef’s knife is a must-have ‘everyday knife’ for every inside or outback kitchen! Just ask any one of the happy customers who have bought it.

As the second addition to our 5-star rated “Chef’s” range trio, this 8’’ (21cm) blade, high carbon steel chef’s knife – like all the knives in the range – is one of the most durable hand-forged knives on the market.

Full tang, with the handle and blade integrated as one solid piece, and an ergonomically designed hardwood casing shaped to fit comfortably inside the hand. 

Beautifully weighted and balanced with a nice 300 grams behind the blade, the size of the cutting surface ensures ease of use for the perfect cut every time. 

Included is a unique canvas sheath doubling as a safety feature, protecting both the knife and anything else from coming into contact with the very sharp blade.

This traditional, hand-forged full tang chef’s knife promises unparalleled dexterity perfect for slicing anything from fresh herbs or nuts, onions and vegetables to the finest cuts of meat, fish fillets, thick juicy steaks or your house-made BILTONG. 

For creating culinary masterpieces either in the kitchen, out by the barbie or braai, or out bush on the annual camping trip, this iconic chef’s knife is a must-have for the passionate foodie in us all.

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