Polder Safe-Serve Instant Read Thermometer

The Safe-Serve Instant Read Thermometer by Polder is ideal for master grillers or novice cooks, designed to keep hands at a safe distance from heat while ensuring meat is cooked to perfection.

The thermometer features 6 pre-programmed temperature settings for beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry and fish, with an open setting to program your desired temperature.

  • Pre-set temperatures for meat and taste.
  • Easy to read.
  • Customisable setting.
  • Measures 0 - 100°C (also reads in Fahrenheit).
  • Includes LR44 battery.
  • Thin temperature tip to leave unnoticeable puncture in meat.
Wipe clean after use. Not suitable for in-oven use.

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