Tatonka Scout Pot Kettle 4.0L

Large cooking set consisting of pot and pan with a volume of 4.0 litres and volume scaling in the pot

The Tatonka Kettle consists of a pot and a pan, which can also be used as a lid or as a plate. This makes the cookware a versatile and lightweight complete set.

The tableware is made of stainless and food safe 18/8 stainless steel, is extremely robust and easy to clean.

  • Pan (Ø 23,5 x 4 cm, 260 g)
  • Pot (4,0 l, Ø 23 x 11 cm, 510 g)
  • Measuring scale inside the pot
  • Food-safe and resistant against the acids in fruit


This item also cheekily fits a Trangia 25-1 inside it....

Collections: Fire & Cooking

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