The Bedourie Camp Oven

The Bedourie Camp Oven is manufactured from spun steel with a lid that fits over the top, and was originally made for the Bedourie Station. This station found that when the cast iron camp ovens fell off pack horses, or were dropped, they often broke, so they invented the Bedourie which would not break.

It serves the same purpose for cooking including bread, cakes or similar foods. To keep the heat in you had to half bury the Bedourie in hot ashes with some coals added to the lid and it would cook just as well as the cast iron camp ovens, The Bedourie has one more  advantage over the cast iron camp oven, in that the lid fits down over the oven so there is no chance of ashes getting into the oven when you half bury it.

The lid also doubles up as a frying pan when you turn it over and use the handle provided in the kit.

Camping food tastes great when made in the Bedourie! Proudly made in Australia!

Available in 10" & 12"

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