The Small Kitchen Cook Book - by Ashleigh Butler

The Small Kitchen Cook is for anyone who loves food and travels in (or just loves) camper vans, caravans or tiny houses!

Ashleigh Butler has spent a decade living and travelling in camper vans across Australia and the US with her partner, Jared. Although she left behind the ideals and conveniences of suburban life, Ash wasn’t prepared to abandon wholesome and conscious cooking, even in their unconventional kitchens.

In her first collection of more than 65 recipes for camper vans, caravans and tiny homes, Ash shows it’s simple to cook delicious, seasonal and nourishing food when all you’ve got is a two-burner stove, a small fridge and an incredible, ever changing view.

This is food for adventurers with a mind for sustainability and anyone who wants to eat fresh, wholesome meals as varied as the seasons, locations and friends they meet along their journey.

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