Trangia Triangle TRA400333

Well, we bit the bullet and had to buy a swagger of these at a highly exorbitant price from Trangia and the importer Sea to Summit...but you asked for it, the US Dollar and over the top freight and duties dictated it's final delivered price, but finally here it is!!

Stand of 3 pieces and holder for burner, in stainless steel, and cover. Can be used with the spirit burner, gas burner, or gel burner (burner is not included).

What’s new for version 2022:

On the windsheilds, the plates:
• The edges of the plates are graded in a tumbling machine. As a result, the shiny surface becomes duller than before.
• The shape is the same otherwise, so the old rings will still fit against the new plates and vice versa.

On the ring:
• The ring has been redesigned to provide a more stable attachment to the windsheilds
• It can also be placed flat in the small Mess tin so you can pack the spirit burner at the same time.
• The rings are polished to remove black marks after welding

Moreover, assembly and disassembly is a little different.

Watch the video here

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