Barebones Nata Hatchet 7" in Canvas Sheath

Our Japanese style Nata Hatchet boasts a thicker, balanced 5mm blade providing the strength and versatility to thrive in any natural environment. More compact and heavier than our Japanese Nata Tool machete, the hatchet excels at tackling precision work and heavy-duty chopping alike.

The 7" stainless steel blade, solid steel core, and durable walnut handle lend stability and greater swinging weight, yet it still packs thin and light. Easy to resharpen and built to last, this tool is an essential addition to any Woodsman collection. Includes 900D polyester sheath with belt clip.


Dimensions: 41 cm x 8.9 cm x 2.5 cm

Weight: 816 grams

Collections: Knives & Tools

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