Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife BIO 2in1 Cocoshell S/S Knife

More than a knife. More than a fire starter. The best of both. The beautifully crafted Swedish FireKnife is made in, of and by Sweden. The sheath and handle are made from a sustainably produced bioplastic mix combining coconut shell fibres, creating a magnificent experience of texture, look and natural smell.

The superior Sandvik stainless steel blade is 80% recycled steel: everything you need whether cutting rope, shaving kindling or slicing apples for the kids. The handle holds an all-weather-proof Swedish FireSteel: up to 3000 strikes at 3000°C. The knife’s spine is ground to a precise angle designed to ensure each stroke of the FireSteel produces the maximum number of focused sparks.


•    Includes weather-proof Swedish FireSteel: up to 3000 strikes at 3000°C.
•    Sturdy half tang 9 cm blade
•    Open access tight-fitting sheath with belt clip and drain hole for easy cleaning



Total Dimensions: 22

Collections: Knives & Tools

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